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Capturing image from SONY's image sensor

Question asked by M. Jeong on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Sebastian Gniazdowski
I have made a board camera module using SONY's IMX225LQR-C image sensor. The following is its data sheet. I would like to ask a question about page 49 of this data sheet.

I used STM32F429I-DISCOVERY board for testing the camera. After setting the registers of the sensor via I2C, I'm wondering if I can capture image from this sensor using DCMI. When you have a look at the page 49 of the data sheet above, you would find that this sensor is  different from OV7670 and OV9655 sensor. It has 'SAV', 'EAV' in pixel data...

The sensor generates Hsync, Vsync signals, which is common. But also it generates Start of Active Video and End of Active Video data in the D0~D9 lines. Thus my STM32F429 needs to detect a specific sequence of 10-bit numbers and capture images only when you get the specific 4 x 10-bit SAV from D0~D9 lines. Also on page 49 it's written that you have undefined delay between Hsync and SAV, which means it's not recommended to detect Hsync and then capture the data immediately. 

Would it be possible for DCMI to detect SAV and capture data? From data sheet of STM32F429 I found that you have hardware synchronisation and embedded synchronisation. If I have understood correctly, I have to use the embedded synchronisation. But this sensor outputs 10-bit data... Would it mean the STM32F429 is not a proper MCU?