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Large display project

Question asked by Madigan.Ray on Sep 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Madigan.Ray
I am new to the STM32 platform.  I have an embedded project I have been attempting to build for quite some time that needs a large display space.  The processing of the project is not high, there is just lots of information to show the user.  I looked at the documentation for the STM32F7 Discovery and saw that the LCD pinout is a standard 40 pin RGB interface.  The STM32F7 Discovery comes with a very small display, will this board drive a larger display with larger resolution?  I have spent more time then I want to admit looking at the documentation and can't see where this issue is addressed.  Has anyone done this before?

The board comes with a capacitive touch panel, can I use the board with a resistive touch panel?  There are not many large format capacitive touch screens available.