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STM32F0 ESD/EMI sensitivity

Question asked by AlexP on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by Nesrine M
Hello all.
I've designed a board using microcontroller STM32F030K6 and face the problem with ESD immunity of this controller (as I suppouse).
Our device consists of 4 boards (one based on STM32 and 3 others - on STM8 controller)connected with a ribbon cable. The cable contains I2C lines, +5V lines and GND lines. One of the boards is a power supply unit which connected to the ACDC wall adapter and distributes power to the other boards through the cable.
When we performes ESD test of our device - 8kV air discharge to signal GND of the device - the board with STM32Fxxxx controller hangs forever until power off/on. Other boards nearly do not react on this test.
I tried to use different TVS to protect input lines on the problem board - no result at all.
May be STM32F030K6 has very high level of ESD/EMI sensitivity? Or this is only the incorrect PCB design? Or there may be some another reasons? Does anyone have such a problem?
I appreciate any help. Thanks.