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Using SWD protocoll BitBang to read/write STM32F0 flash

Question asked by Valentin on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2017 by avi_crak.videocrak
Hi there,

I'd like to build an automated pcb flash & test box. The finished pcb will be inserted into the device and then the device detects the presence of a new board, powers it up, flashes the firmware and tests functionality of the new pcb.
After all is finished, either a green or red led light up.

Now I am wondering how I could get an STM32 to flash another one via the SWD link? I would probably use a high-density type and store the firmware in its flash so that the unit is completely independent.

Any ideas? The boot0 pin is fixed to ground on the pcb. But it must be possible top mimick what the PCB does when uploading a firmware using ST-Link?