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STM32F103 CDC/VCP works with Win32bit host but not Win64bit

Question asked by walker.michael.001 on Aug 31, 2016

I am trying, using an STM32F103 to add CDC/VCP support.

Results have been been widely variable PC to PC. But the one de facto result is that 32bit Win OSes are rock solid stable, but 64bit Win OSes show up a plethora of issues.

64bit OS issues range from no device detection, failed enumeration, to occasional success of receiving a packet ( < 64bytes )

Using a Beagle 12 USB analyzer on my Win7 64 platform the port fails on SOF frame count errors and Invalid PID sequence errors.

The ST example sourceused is commented as this:
  * @author  MCD Application Team
  * @version V4.0.0