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***non volatile memory --- STM32F107

Question asked by CaEngineer on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by Clive One
Previously, I worked on MSP430F47197. I learnt how to read/write from flash. That was pretty easy. On the other hand, using EEPROM was really confusing to read from and write into. (Using I2C Protocol)

Now, I am working on STM32F107KC.  More specifically, I am required to save Mac Address and reuse it for the next loading process. 

I have a written code and it seems that the Mac Address is stored within 1 page between the following addresses.

0x0803F800 --- 0x00000800

Also the linker file tells me that the rest of the code is written in the following range.

0x08000000 --- 0x0803FFFF  ==> ROM

0x20000000 --- 0x2000FFFF ==> RAM

Therefore, I do not see any overlapping case in here.

I also, checked the datasheet of STM32F107. There is no internal non volatile memory and in our board we do not have any external one.

Therefore, here is my question as follows. 

If there is no non-erasable memory, as I use IAR IDE for ARMS, can I go ahead and ask the compiler not to flash a certain range in flash and store my Mac Address there?  

In IAR IDE for MSPs, we are able to select which part of the memory to erase and flash under option menu which I do not see such feature in ARM.

Any other alternatives you may think that would be a good solution for Mac Address question?