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CooCox error while downloading code to STM32F103C8T6

Question asked by gustamko.master on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by Clive One
Dear forum,

i get this error after i tried to download the code to this board:

I use a ST-Link V2 with the latest firmware & driver installed. I connected Pin7 to GND, Pin 4 to SCLK, Pin6 to DIO and Pin 2 to 3.3V (, this is the error from Coocox:

D:\Programme\CoIDE_V2Beta>"D:/Programme/CoIDE_V2Beta/bin\coflash.exe" program STM32F103C8T6 "D:/Programme/CoIDE_V2Beta/ProjectFolder/STM32F103C8T6TestProject/STM32F103C8T6TestProject/Debug/bin/STM32F103C8T6TestProject.elf" --adapter-name=ST-Link --port=SWD --adapter-clk=1000000 --erase=affected --reset=SYSRESETREQ --driver="C:\Users\Standardbenutzer\AppData\Roaming\CooCox\CoIDE\config\flash\CooCox-Flash\CoIDE_STM32F1xx_MD_64K\STM32F10x_MD_64.elf" 
Erase:   Done
Program:   Failed
Error: Flash driver function execute error

Any help would be very much appreciated.