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@clive1 - re; Alternate Function Reply

Question asked by Knee_Ph.D..Trahn on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by Clive One

I have attempted repeatedly to reply to your post to me. STM server sw apparently, has a bug which prevents me from posting replies. However, I can post 'new' messages, so here is a somewhat tardie reply.

Thank you for your understandable answer and example. It works, hee hee, and its clear to me how it works...:)

I have another question which I can't find an answer for in any of the manuals I have.  Regarding setting the I2C_CCR frequency settings which the manual (RM00368) identifies as being reliant upon "fPCLK1", which as I said before, I can't find the module to which that label references in either the F401 datasheet or the ref_man.  I2C clk speed Smode freq "must be at least 2MHz while Fm must be at least 10MHz". In attempting to verify that my code meets that spec, I can't find the module or the register to which it is affiliated?  I pray that my questions are not too 'dummie'? I did see a very brief statement re; APB1 bus, but in looking at the RCC module subsystem dwg I see no reference to the fPCLK1 label. (that dwg is pretty poor for other reasons too, IMO.)

In any case thanks again and in advance for your time.

ps, fyi, I was the debug eng'r for the prototype L2C control-segment digital-signal-processor (of the 32 rack-mount units deployed in DoD bunkers) that measure precision GPS constellation timing and control selected elements of the selective-availability of the constellation, for the prime.