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Question and problem on how to use DFUse utility and DFU program

Question asked by vu.andy on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by Clive One
This is sort of a two part question.  One for the USB DFU example program and one for the DFUse utility and.

I have built the USB DFU utility program and downloaded to STM32F4 board.  I also downloaded the DFUse utility.  The board is recognized by Microsoft as DFU from Device Manager.  So I think everything is good so far.

I built the example Toggle_IO and converted to DFU format using STM program.
So now I use the DFUse utility to download the program.

Now the PROBLEM is after I downloaded the Toggle_IO program, there is an error message
"Matching not good.  First Difference at address 0x08000000:
  First byte is 0x60
  Read byte is 0x10.
But address 0x08000000 is of the USB DFU program, not the Toggle_IO.  Toggle_IO is supposed to be downloaded at address 0x08008000 according to the USB DFU.  I am not sure why the DFUse utility is checking address 0x08000000.  Should it be checking address 0x08008000.  This makes me think that the DFUse. utility is only meant for the build-in USB DFU program which resides on the ROM portion that is shipped with the device that downloads program to address 0x08000000.

So if I use the example USB DFU program, which software program can I use to download program?

I checked the content at address 0x08008000 but it does not have the correct content of the Toggle_IO program so it seems like either Toggle_IO was never downloaded or downloaded at some other locations.

Could anyone help?