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STM32F405 corrupt i2c transactions

Question asked by tobbeanton on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by tobbeanton

I have been writing my own I2C driver to play well with the RTOS and I have been using a I2C analyser to help me out. After a lot of frustration I have gotten most of it working but what I have discovered is that I sometimes get corrupt transactions. This happens randomly bug generally not more often then once every thousand transactions. As my frustration grew I decided to test the CubeMX HAL I2C driver on my board just verify that it is my code that is doing something strange. However I found out the the HAL I2C driver generates even more corrupt transactions.

The hardware is a custom board with STM32F405 using I2C3 to talk to a MPU9250 sensor with 4.7k pullups at 400kHz I2C clock. Signals looks good on scope so no electrical problem.

Any suggestions?