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GATT char update value, store in EEPROM

Question asked by Ramu.Sai_Prashanthi on Sep 7, 2016
I am using Blue NRG along with L051. I have used GATT_char_update_value for changing the GAP device name from default 'BlueNRG' to something taht I want. I am using nRF Master Control application on an android phone. From my phoine, when I change the Device Name from the app on my phone, how do I detect it in my code?

Till now, I have figured that it goes to AttributeModified callback function with the handle value 0x07 always. For now, I have hard coded this value 0y07. Is there anyway to check the handle without hand coding it as 7? 

I am aware that in addService function i have to call aci_gatt_add_char with the service handle and define a new charUuid and  aparticular gatt event mask.

But this event mask is not defined in gatt_server.h. only 0x01 to 0x04 are defined. What about 0x07? should I define it in my service?