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stemwin font display performance

Question asked by shah.vismay on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2016 by shah.vismay
Hello Everybody,

I am using stm32f429 controller. I am using stemwin for graphics. I am using inbuilt LTDC controller for 640x480 16bpp RGB display. My system clock is running at 180MHz and RAM running at 90MHz .

I found a big performance gap between displaying Bitmap and Fonts.

to display 112x62 8bpp bitmap - 150us time taken
to display font in 120x32 area (using GUI_FONT_D24X32 font and 5 digits length of font) - 553us

I do understand that for drawing bitmaps ST has provided DMA2D based functions , so it is fast but , aren't there any optimization scope available with stemwin for font displays??