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after configuring standby Jlink connection is lost

Question asked by palitsky.gennady on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by palitsky.gennady
I am working with STM32L051 and need to enter STANDBY mode.

The configuration and entering STANDBY are as follows:

static void SystemPower_Config(void)
  /* Enable Power Control clock */
  /* Enable Ultra low power mode */
  /* Enable the fast wake up from Ultra low power mode */
  /* Enable debug in standby *.
  DBGMCU->CR |= 0x00000004;
static void Enter_standby(void)
 /* The Following Wakeup sequence is highly recommended prior to each Standby mode entry
    mainly when using more than one wakeup source this is to not miss any wakeup event.
     - Disable all used wakeup sources,
     - Clear all related wakeup flags,
     - Re-enable all used wakeup sources,
     - Enter the Standby mode.
   /* Disable all used wakeup sources: PWR_WAKEUP_PIN1 */
  /* Clear all related wakeup flags*/
  /* Enable WakeUp Pin PWR_WAKEUP_PIN1 */
  /* Enter the Standby mode */

After programming I can't access a controller by JLink, even for programming,
though controller IS NOT in standby mode.

Messages are:
- No Cortex-M SW Device Found
- Error: Flash Download failed - Target DLL has been cancelled.

Power cycling doesn't help.

Is there any way to restore connectivity or completely reset the microcontroller ?