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VL530Lx API for stm32F103

Question asked by Alay on Aug 10, 2016
I want use vl53L0x proximity sensor with a stm32f103 uC as host but I dont find the API for this host. I have STM32CubeExpansion_VL53L0X_V1.1.0 API downloaded but in this API, the drivers and CMSIS files available are for stm32F4 uC, then I am not be able to run this API in my design (because the host is a stm32F103 instead of stm32F4).
I have seen that this sensor has not available the register map, then I can not build my own source code for this sensor. Is not there any API for this uC? Is there some way to integrate this API in a keil project using a stm32F103 as host?