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Jimping to another piece of code, Problem with interrupts on USART

Question asked by marechal.nicolas on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by peacock.jack
Chip : STM32F303RE
Toolochain : COIDE

Hello everyone,

I have a piece of code at the 0x08000000 and i am trying to jump to another piece at 0x8010000 (previously dowloaded via bluetooth, sent by a smartphone).

I already setted the Vector table top the right address (0x08010000 as reffered to the .map file) and I can say that this address is correct because I can use interrupts on Timer after booting on the new address.  But once boot is done I haven't got any interrupts on USART, this is weird because while debugging I saw that i could use interrupts on timer to send a message to my smartphone after boot (via USART).
After reboot, there is an initialisation of Timer and USART interrupts I am using a HC05 bluetoth module.
I also use MC workbench to configure motor control and there is a way to configure USART via software, I also tried this way and it doesn't work neither after reboot.

Anyone as an idea on how to fix this ?

Thank you all for your help.