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ADSTP not work on STM32F030R8T6

Question asked by on Aug 4, 2016
Some time on my run I see that even if I do ADC1->CR |= ADC_CR_ADSTP;
And wait on  while ((ADC1->CR & ADC_CR_ADSTP) != 0);
It didn't go to "0".
I check and see that ADSTART="1" and ADDIS="0".
It configure to ADC1->CFGR1.EXTEN =0x01 and ADC1->CFGR1.EXTSEL=0x04. Also ADC1->CFGR1.DMAEN=1.
As I understand the ADSTP make the ADC stop any conversion , But if it is wait for converstion by ext trigger which won't come (if the timer was disable before), does this bit will stay "1" for ever?
If so,what should I do to be sure it is in a middle of conversion?