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STM32L476-DISCOVERY cannot be connected to another board via UART

Question asked by frms.accnt on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Eugenia Suarez
I'm not able to connect STM32L476-DISCOVERY to another board via UART.

For UART4, STMCubeMX suggests to use PA0 as TX pin and PA1 as RX pin and generates unworkable code that transmits data but is not able to receive data.

I suppose that problem in the joystick button that connects to PA1 pin and interferes with UART's RX.

Selecting other UARTs in STMCubeMX tool does't solve the problem.
For USART1 STMCubeMX suggests to use PA10 and PA9 that aren't available on the board.
For UART2: PA0, PA1, PA2, PA3; but it seems that PA1 pin interferes with joystick.
For UART3: PC4, PC5 that also aren't available on the board.
For UART5: PD2, PC12 that aren't available on the board as well.

Is this a feature of the board? Either there is a solution that I don't descry?