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Question asked by khare.ankush on Aug 1, 2016
Hello folks, 
I am trying to interface LIS3MDL magnetometer to STM32F4 boards. My clock is 25 Mhz.
I am able to get output step by step using IAR embedded workbench but not able to get output when I run the program from top line to bottom line. The problem is with ADDR bit of STM32F4 uC. When I am executing step by step, the ADDR bit will get reset in 2 steps resulting the transmission of data from LIS3MDL slave but when I am running my code continuous the ADDR bit remains set. Hence i am not able to get my slave data. Since ADDR is read only bit, is there any way to reset it ? In the reference manual they suggested to read SR1 and then SR2 but its not mentioned which bit to read, and its making no use to reset ADDR bit.
Please guide me.