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UDP connection between STM32 and MATLAB

Question asked by keshavarz.abbas on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2016 by keshavarz.abbas
Hello everyone,

I am using stm32f746 discovery board and I am sending 10 bytes of data in UDP protocol to PC.
I can trace the data coming through LAN using WireShark application. for example
No.   Time           Source             Destination       Protocol  Len    Info
14    1.300032    UDP       60    49153 → 64701  Len=10

that is STM32 board and is PC
the data is sent to Port 64701  by STM32 Board

I used this code in matlab :

    u = udp ('', 'LocalPort', 64701);
    x = fread(u, 10);

But I can't get data and timeout in reading occurs. unfortunately the internet space is getting so complicated and is full of too detailed notes, related to the topic though, so I couldn't find what the problem is. within couple of hours.
can anyone help me and get me out of this trap?
thanks in advance