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Help me speed up my stm32f7

Question asked by Rygel.Troy1818 on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2016 by Rygel.Troy1818
Hi everyone,

I am making an emulator that is emulating an old c64 computer. For this I am using a custom made hardware. This has a STM32F756 MCU together with 200Mhz SDRAM installed. The real heavy things for this project is the emulation of the VIC chip (graphics). This takes a lot of stm32 cycles where every pixel needs to be computed for 320x200 screen @ 50Hz. I am using LTDC for this where I have simply mapped up a memory area in SDRAM for a frame, and it is to this memory area where all pixels are plotted to. I am using the RGB565 pixel format (do not know if this can effect the speed). I have no clue what kind of load the LTDC stuff is having on MCU.

I am running my application with full optimization and with inline functions etc. from flash (does not seem to be running faster in ram). I am running at 216Mhz and with overdrive active.

Now my problem is that my application is unfortunately running 40% too slow :/
So if any of you got any idea how to get even more out of the stm32f7 I would be grateful :)