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How use one USB port to update firmware for two MCUs

Question asked by wang.wangzhipan on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2016 by wang.wangzhipan
   Two questions:
1. There are two MCUs on my board, they are STM32F072RB and STM32F042C6. However, my master computer has only one USB port which is integrated in a box with my board. If use two ports to update 2 MCUs, the box should be open. Obviously, it is not smart. Pls help me to find a solution to sovle the above question.
2. I know STM32F04x device can implement to allow easy programming of the virgin devices by built-in DFU without configuring BOOT pin. But how STM32F072 to implement above function. I want to not only use the built-in DFU,but also without configuring BOOT pin.
   Thanks a lot!