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STM32F439 - FMC interfacing SDRAM, NVRAM and ARNIC 429

Question asked by mahadoria.gajraj_sin on Jul 28, 2016

We are developing a display using STM32F439NIH6 Microcontroller in our design.  We have the following technical queries:

We have referred to your evaluation board design and we are interfacing STM32F439NIH6 with SDRAM, NVRAM and ARINC 429 devices through FMC data bus and Address bus.

Can we connect all 3 loads and access simultaneously.

We are unable to drive all the three loads. During the process of analysis we came across I/O Cell Compensation in Reference Manual. 

Is this can be enabled for FMC?

We are working on 3.3V supply and configured the System Clock as 180MHz.

We tried to enable I/O cell compensation by reducing the System Clock to 100 MHz/90 MHz and 50 MHz.

We are unable to enable the Cell Compensation. Please help us in this regard by providing the procedure to enable the same.