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STM32F746 USB problem

Question asked by Mina Anton on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by Mina Anton

Dear ST,

I have a problem letting my STM32F746 (144 pin) USB CDC (device) work properly, every time I connect it to the PC I got this message:  (The device cannot start ... code10)

This is the steps I did to get this problem:

1)      I have many successful projects based of STM32F0xx with USB CDC, I did all of these project using the Cube, I didn’t change any of the cube settings and it was working fine, from the hardware point of view I was connecting only D+, D- and GND since the projects requires power more than the capabilities of the USB.

2)      This is my first project using the STM32F7xx family, I did exactly the same as I do in F0 family from both point of view: hardware and Cube à nothing work at all

3)      I tried to find out a solution, I discovered that the default value of the VBUS sense was “Enable”, but I didn’t connect it in hardware, so after building the project I went to the configuration of the USB and changed the setting from “Enable” to “Disable” and connected again to the computer à it was sensed but having the message above of (The device cannot start ... code10).

4)      I thought it be my computer issue and nothing to do with the microcontroller so I tried to uninstall the driver (V1.4.0) and reinstall it again à now all my boards (old F0 that was working and new F7) are not working (Windows cannot verify the digital signature Code 52).

5)      I moved to a new PC, installed same driver copy I have (V1.4.0) and tested à the old F0 boards are working fine, the new F7 board is not working and giving me the same error above (code 10)


Could anyone tell me how to fix the issue with the new board of F7 and how to properly configure the Cube? Also if anyone can tell me how to fix my computer so it can read the old working boards of F0?

Thank you all.

Best regards,