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ADC Calibration Fails After wake up from STOP mode

Question asked by ramiro.sebastian on Jul 27, 2016
Hello everyone.

I am writing an application for a STM32L4 that is 99% of the time in stop mode 2 to save power, and some time it wake up (with an exti) based on an externall event. When it wakes up it takes a measurement of a voltage using the ADC1, stores it on a micro sd card and goes back to STOP mode.

In order to save as much power as possible, I have made a function that power up the ADC, performs the calibration, takes the measurement and power down the ADC including clock gating it. This funcion works well, no matter how many times I call it.

However, after going to STOP mode, when the microcontroller wakes up and takes the measurement, the internat auto calibration function does not work. I reset the perhiperal, then aply clock to it:

RCC -> AHB2RSTR |= RCC_AHB2RSTR_ADCRST;          //Reset ADCs
RCC -> AHB2ENR  |= RCC_AHB2ENR_ADCEN;          //Clock to the ADC module
ADC1 -> CR = (ADC1 -> CR & 0xDFFFFFFF);     //DEEPPWD=0, Deep power down = 0 
espera_us(10);          //(waits 10 microsenconds)     
ADC1 -> CR = (ADC1 -> CR & 0xEFFFFFFF) + 0x10000000;     //ADVREGEN=1     ADC regulator on
espera_us(50);               //(waits 50 microsenconds)
ADC1 -> ISR |= 0x000007FF;          //Clear All Flags
ADC123_COMMON -> CCR |= 0x00400000;     //Enable ADCREF
ADC1-> CR &= 0xBFFFFFFF;     //ADCALDIF=0, we are going to make a single ended calibration
ADC1-> CR |= 0x80000000;          //ADCAL=1, Begin calibration
while((ADC1->CR & 0x80000000)!=0);     // Calibration never ends

The ADCAL bit never goes back to 0 indicating the end of the calibration process.

I don't know where is the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.