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stm32f4 and usb flash

Question asked by ASSAAD on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by ASSAAD

Hello friends ;

We have a datalogger based on stm32f4 discovery ; we log the data in external flash disck 8GB ( scan disck ) ; we noticed that  about 20% of the usb discs we used don't work .

STM32f4 detect the usb ; but file system cant read data or open file or write data ., but the same usb work good when we put to PC .

Maybe some of you had this issue before so I would be thankful  if you could help;  I was debugging for few days but could not find the solution ; I am not sure  if it it a usb timing problem or the fat32 library problem .

Could you guide me to solve it please ?

Thank you in advanced .

Best Regards