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STM32F407 to STM32F427

Question asked by peregrinus on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by peregrinus
Dear All, 
    we have a project based on STM 32F407 processor. 
Since we need some more RAM and Flash we wold like to migrate to the STM32F427.
Using the code I have for the F407, I can not write on the additional 64K SRAM bank. I need to enable this bank. The code was written before the MXCube and 

The project was developed before the STM32Cube and it was developed on the code of STM3240_41_G_EVAL where there are two files which, I think, manage the RAM:


I have to enable a new bank, contiguous to the standard 112K+16K --> (+64K).

Is it possible to enable the 64K bank without changing the whole driver ecosystem?

Thank you.