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DMA problem ?

Question asked by franzi.edo on Jul 19, 2016
Dear All,
I am facing a strange problem. I am using a slave SPI to transfer memory data by a DMA stream. The transfer uses 16-bit wide data. On the stm32f429 (m4) the code works very well and I can use the data. The same code (same periphs, same IO, same tools, ...) does not work properly on the same target equipped with an stm32F746 (m7). The data is transferred but the MSByte and the LSByte are swapped! Both systems uses gcc configured to generate code for a little-endian. Any advise? Any possibility to ask the DMA (or SPI) unit to swap those data? As the stream is under the control of the DMA I cannot swap the bytes. At the receiver I could, but this should be avoided to maintain the compatibility between the m4 and m7 targets.
Thank you for your suggestions
Regards, Edo