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Two ADC working on two signals at the same time

Question asked by Antoine.PM on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by Antoine.PM

I want to read two signals (supposedly quite similar) at the same time, in order to compare them. I have one ADC working, but I'm perplex about the other.

- Does it matter if I use for the second signal, say ADC1_IN2, or ADC12_IN9, or ADC2_IN5, knowing that the first signal is using ADC12_IN7 ? Based on the configuration I'm tempted to prefer ADC2, but I'd like to know why.

-Let's say I configure my second ADC just like the first one. How am I going to make them work simultaneously (or alternatively) when ADC_StartConversion(ADC1) owns the running until the end of conversion?

Since the signals are supposed to vary over time, they need to be converted at the same time, in order to compare sig1t with sig2t and sig1t+1 with sig2t+1, and avoid sig1t+1 with sig2t.
Also, I have at this moment ADC_StartConversion(ADC1) right before while(1) in the main function. If I want the signal to be kept updated, should I move it into the while loop?