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Eclipse Debugging Cannot "Restart a process or debug target without terminating and re-launching"

Question asked by fitzgerald.mark on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by fitzgerald.mark
In Eclipse debugging: The Restart button will not function properly.  When the button is hit, the application continues to run from where it was or runs off into the weeds, but it never restarts the application.  In order to restart the app, the launch must be terminated and relaunched, which takes extra time and has to reload the flash.

The MCU is a STM32F100 ST Micro ARM processor with a C++ project.

To clarify, the Restart button is in the Debug perspective on the toolbar to the right of the red terminate button, and it's the green button with a left arrow underneath.

Tools in use: Eclipse Mars 2, CDT, GNU/ARM toolchain.  Restart doesn't work on both the Ubuntu or Windows installations.

I've checked the launch configuration and I don't see any issue.  The launch works fine, except for the Restart capability.  I've attached a zip with screenshots of the debug configuration.  Any advise on configuration, or if this is a known issue with no resolution would be helpful.