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DAC waveform not displaying on oscilloscope.

Question asked by oon.marcus on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by Antoine.PM
Hi ST community,

    I'm doing a feedback of the adc output to the dac input to double check the incoming signal.
    I seem to have a problem displaying the DAC(PA5) waveform on the oscilloscope, so my setup is : i connect the function generator output of 800hz to the input of the ADC(PA0) & GND of func. generator  is connected to GND on the stm32f429i discovery board.
   However, when i put a oscilloscope probe to the DAC(PA5) the waveform shows, but then when i connect the osclloscope's gnd to the board's gnd, the signal flatlines and no waveform appears.

   May i know if anyone has faced this issue before?