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Power consumption

Question asked by abdipour.mohammad on Jul 10, 2016
I am using STM32L476G Discovery board. In order to set up and config the MCU, it is used the STM32CubeMX software. In consideration to instructions which is said in ST Manual, to reduce the current consumption in “run” mode, the “4 MHz” and “Range 2” are selected for “CPU frequency” and “Power Range” respectively. Moreover, in order to optimize the consumption, all the Pins are configured as anolog.
It is worth mentioning that, I used ADC with consumption about 200 µA.
The current in Jumper (JP5) which measured the STM32L467 power consumption, is 1.2 mA, while, based on the manual and Power consumption calculator in STM32CubeMX, it is expected to reach about 800 µA power consumption after performing all mentioned configurations.
Could you please help me and let me know if there is more settings to gain the
 800 µA current consumption.
I look forward for hearing you
Thanks & Regards