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stm32 uart rx dma broke, is there any idea?

Question asked by ctc.ctc on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by ctc.ctc
I use stm32f427 to do a work,
recently, I hope to use dma to get uart rx data,
but I found there a strange situation that sometimes the dma will broke and I cannot find why
any other functions keep working, but only the uart rx dma just do nothing,
I use "DMA_GetCmdStatus()" and it's in ENABLE status,
the buffer will not get new uart rx data and the counter keep the same value.

The most strange, it will not broke when I setting the address and counter value, just like I set the dma size 20,  every situation dma broke, it will recieve 1data, and then broke, the counter value keep 19, and never change again

I not sure why, and don't have any idea, can anyone give me some hint, thank you a lot