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Program doesn't run after Forced Bulk erase

Question asked by pawlak.david on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by pawlak.david
I have been programming an STM32f103, to get used to ARM (Olimexino board - don't laugh).
I was advancing pretty well, had the GPIO working, SysTick interrupting and a basic time-banding system working.

Then for some reason I was presented with the page (on the bootloader demonstrator) asking me to bulk erase memory. Not sure how I got there, (Pressed buttons too fast?? Not sure).

So with no other option (resetting, unplugging etc. didn't help) I bulk erased. Reset the board and proceeded to download my program.

Downloaded fine. I even uploaded to make sure it was actually writing and the code seems fine. But....

The program doesn't work now...

I am developing on linux with arm-embedded toolchain.

As I said, everything worked great for several weeks. Dozens if not hundreds of reloads, so I know the bootloader and my startup code and program had run normally.

Would the option bytes have gotten erased by the buld erase?

Any  ideas?