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STM32F746xx lazy context saving

Question asked by avi_crak.videocrak on Jul 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by avi_crak.videocrak
I adapting their suffering under the new axis of the core, and I am having difficulties.
STM32F7xx series differs from series STM32F3-4 advanced floating point register set (s0-s31). This is automatically saved Jr. set of registers (s0-s15). But GCC uses the full potential of the coprocessor, and therefore the senior set (s16-s31) is becoming common for the different strands.

No problem, the use of mathematics in a problem. But things are changing with more complex projects.

I am interested in solutions to this probolemy. I want to first see how to do it from others. Because my fastest option looks like a set of garden tools, and not too handsome.