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STM32F4 FMC on non-multiplexed SRAM

Question asked by VDM on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by VDM

I plan to build a board with an STM32F446VE + IS66WV51216EBLL

As the STM32F446VE is a 100pin package, it does not offer non-multiplexed interface on the FMC.

So I was considering using the FMC in multiplexed PSRAM mode, and adding a latch like the 74LVC373AD device (to transform the multiplexed interface to non-multiplexed interface), but it seems that the FMC_NL ( = NADV ) line is inverted ..
Couldn't find if it was possible to invert FMC_NL logic, so I suppose I can't.

Consequently, it seems I should add an inverter before the latch.

Sounds tricky in the end, and as I couldn't find any example on the internet of someone using the multiplexed FMC on non-multiplexed PSRAM, I wonder is this can really work ..

Any advice ?

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