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STM32F4 DISCOVERY Audio Playback

Question asked by Avenian.John on Jun 25, 2016
Hello! Sorry if I repeat this topic.

I have problem with BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Play() function from STM32Cube. Actually, i tried to run old example from StdPeripheralDriver-s package which plays sound from internal flash and it worked well with old verson of function for playback (EVAL_AUDIO_Play()), but problem is with new function from Cube. I tried to play sound from same data like in old example with BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Play() function after initialization and it crashes. Playback has duration of half second and then i hear noise, but in old example sound has duration of 3-4 seconds. Does anybody know what is the problem with function from cube a how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot.