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STM32L4 lwIP

Question asked by Doug Kehn on Jun 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by ForumSTM32.ForumSTM3
Hi Everyone,

I'm needing to attach a 4G radio (USB/Serial/PPP) to an STM32L475V. I would like
to use the STM32CubeMX Middlewares to enable and configure lwIP; however, lwIP
is not a Middlewares option when the selected MCU is STM32L475V. It appears that
lwIP is only available in STM32CubeMX (version 4.15.1) when the MCU has an ETH
peripherial. The STM32Cube_FW_L4_V1.5.0 Firmware Library does not contain lwIP.

My thought was to select an MCU that had an ETH peripheral (e.g. STM32F7),
enable/configure lwIP, generate code, then copy the generated lwIP code to the
STM32L475V project.

Does this sound like a reasonable alternative approach? Has anyone done
something similiar?

Thanks and Regards,