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Schematics for SPDIF OUT circuit after STM32F7

Question asked by fourneron.jean_marc on Jun 25, 2016
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I'm looking for information about the circuits to add to a STM32F7 Nucleo board to build an operational SPDIF output. I tried to find the information in the STM32 reference document, but could not find the information.

I have found some schematics for SPDIF input (RX), but not the OUTPUT.

Is there a ST document that describe the needed additional circuits (if any)? Or in another document?

Note: I would need the schematic for "full SPDIF out" able to drive meters of cable, and if any simpler one to connect to 20 cm.

(I'm sorry to crosspost, but this forum may be more adequate than the STM32 evaluation tools one)

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