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STM32F746ZG config with AD7606

Question asked by Gao.Benjamin on Jun 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by Gao.Benjamin
Hi everyone!

I'm using two AD7606 together with a STM32F746ZG.

AD7606 can be configured to parallel or serial mode, but i don't know see clear how to config it with MCU, here are some ways,:

1. AD7606 in serial mode, it's 8 channels are split into OUTA and OUTB, while STM32F746 has 6 SPIs, i can use 4 of them for 2 AD7606s, but the AD has one clk input only, how can i manipulate one 7606 with two SPIs?

2. Using GPIO to simulate two SPIs, the two SPIs can share one clk.

3. AD7606 in parallel mode,using FMC on MCU, using data bus only, assign a cs signal for each 7606,FMC data from each AD alternatively.

Are these methods ok? waiting for answer, thank you very much!