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STM32F042C6 SPI2 RXNE clears before reading DR

Question asked by olenich.rodion on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by Clive One
Good day!

I have simple SPI read func:

bool SPIRead(byte reg, byte &result)
    ushort timeoff=0x100;
    volatile short temp;
    temp=SPI2->DR;// To clear DR
    CS_EN;// i still don't understand why ST can't do this in hardware mode.
    while(!(SPI2->SR&SPI_SR_RXNE) && timeoff--);
    return timeoff > 0;

This func is called for 50 times per sec (SPI clock = 93750Hz (24MHz AP1B clock/256) ).
I have next problem - when i debug this code (in keil), when i step SPI2->DR=reg|0x80; i see in regs FRLVL=2 and RXNE = 1. This is normal - there was 16 clocks and mcu received 16 bits. But in next step (busy = true;) in asm (movs r0,#0x01)
FRLVL cleared and RXNE cleared too. They cleared before i read DR. The datasheet says that:
A read access to the SPIx_DR register must be managed by the RXNE event. This event is triggered when data is stored in RXFIFO and the threshold (defined by FRXTH bit) is reached. When RXNE is cleared, RXFIFO is considered to be empty.
Ie RXNE bit must not be cleared until I read register. It is not mentioned in errata. What i am doing wrong?