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STM32F0: FreeRTOS was blocked when calling HAL_UART_Transmit in task callback

Question asked by yang.michael.003 on Jun 24, 2016
I'm working on stm32f0 discovery board and using STM32Cube FW v1.5 libraries.
As I tested the freertos example "FreeRTOS_ThreadCreation" with sending a string in "LED_Thread1" and "LED_Thread2" functions, then the platform will stuck.
It's no problem to send the string in main, so I thinks the GPIO and Uart functionalities should be fine.
If I didn't send the string in thread callback functions, the platform was okay too (I can see the LED blinking).
I was wondering if it's allowed to use  HAL_UART_Transmit in thread callback function. If yes, would you give me some suggestions to fix it.