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32F3 USB without HSE

Question asked by yakab.marci on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by yakab.marci
How can one use the USB without HSE oscillator?
I have been playing with the STM32F3 discovery board, on the original preloaded firmware there is USB functionality, but the board doesn't have any external oscillator placed.
So USB without HSE seems to work somehow, but I can not figure it out how.
When I reflash my own compiled code (original unmodified demo code from the cube F3 package) the USB doesn't work anymore, the code expects HSE oscillator.

If I manually change the clock to HSI it still doesn't work. (It is likely I missed something here)
Also cube MX doesn't allow USB without HSE.

tl;dr: how to configure usb on stm32f303 without HSE?