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Interrupt Management

Question asked by Pou.M.Javad on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by Amel N
Hello Everyone
I am trying to run my code on stm32f4, with use of interrupt routines. I have an 9dof imu including mpu6050,hmc588,bmp058. So i am interfacing 3 EXTI rsubroutine to read imu and this has been successfully done. I also have gps module and pc rs232 interface to recieve data from user on pc. (usart tx is in while (1)). So i have 2 usart IRQ. 
The problem now, is with NVIC. EXTI routines preempt serial port routines so that i can not read gps absolutly and also rs232 (tx,rx) hangs after some time. 
What is the manner to manage interrupts? 
I have used two kind of coding and none of them has worked correctly as i expect;
1 - nvic_set()
2 - nvice settings (preemption and sub) while ibitializing peripherals.
How can i manage to avoid unwanted interrupt preemption?
What is the way of managing interrupts ? How can i learn more? 
Thanks .