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Error in AN3968 STM32F4x7 In-Application Programming

Question asked by stingl.martin.001 on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by Nesrine M
I have found some errors in the IAP over Ethernet example.
I don't know it this forum is the right place to inform ST about errors, is there a better way to do so?

Here are the issues:
- stm32f4x7_eth.c line 299: assert_param(IS_ETH_PROMISCIOUS_MODE  must be IS_ETH_PROMISCUOUS_MODE 
- stm32f4x7_eth.h line 542: #define IS_ETH_PHY_REG(REG): Registers PHY_MICR and PHY_MISR are missing
- It would be nice if the example would be adapted to the latest lwIP version, it is still using v1.3.2. Also the Standard peripheral library is at version 1.0.0. 

Does an updated version of IAP other ethernet exist somewhere?