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Problem with RTC and LPTIM interrupt in STOP Mode

Question asked by demir.tulgar on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by FTITI.Walid
I am using NUCLEO-L11K4 board for my low power monitor project. I want to wake up board periodically every 5 minutes and send message center. Meanwhile i want to wake up the board with external interrupt in the case of box opening. There is no problem with STOP with RTC or pulse counter with LPTIM peripheral but when i combine both examples in the same project, pulse counter is not working. I m trying to wake up the MCU from STOP mode when counter reaches 10. I will be using 3 interrupt resources in total.
In one of threads i read that disabling systick timer solves the problem. But nothing worked yet. I have changed the interrupt priorities but not helped.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.