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STM32F4 add endpoint to USB

Question asked by none.Thomas on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by none.Thomas
I'm doing a project where I use a NUCLEO-F446ZE as a USB device.
I'm implementing the CCID class.
I used the template class and some code from VCP. This way some endpoint are already configured like Bulk in and out.
Now I want to add Interrupt IN because it's used to tell the host if there is any change (like card insertion/removal).

I added this in my class file in the init function
#define CCID_INTR_IN_EP 82

and this to usb_conf.c in the USBD_LL_Init() function
HAL_PCDEx_SetTxFiFo(&hpcd, 2, 0x40);

But it doesn't work, the host receive nothing and the USB register aren't configured