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SDIO IRQ Being Blocked?

Question asked by Pflughoeft.Richard on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Pflughoeft.Richard
I'm having issues with my SDIO Data End interrupt.

It's acking like OCCASIONALLY the SDIO interupt it being blocked by the SDIO_DMA IRQ. 

The SDIO has a higer priority (lower number) interrupt than the DMA.

I'm using stm hal library version V1.4.4.

The process is
1) HAL_SD_WriteBlocks_DMA
          Start DMA stuff
          Send SDIO Command 7 (block length 512)
          Send SDIO Command 24 (block write)
2) HAL_SD_CheckWriteOperation
          Wait for DMA & SD Transfer Complete (see below)
          Wait until TX transfer is no longer active
          Clear all static flags
          Wait until Write is Complete

SD_DMA_TxCplt (first interrupt)
  hsd->DmaTransferCplt = 1U;
  while(hsd->SdTransferCplt == 0U)
  {} // We will wait here (NO TIMEOUT) until the SDIO Interrupt sets the SDTransferCplt flags
HAL_SD_IRQHandler (second interrupt BUT HIGHER priority) 
    /* SD transfer is complete */
    hsd->SdTransferCplt = 1U;
NORMALLY, the above works as expected. (about 90% of the time)  

BUT, sometimes the SDIO interrupt doesn't occur and we get stuck waiting for the SdTransferCplt flag. When that happens, if I break in and manually adjust the program counter to just beyond the 'while' statement, the routine will proceed AND after this IRQ handler gets done, the SDIO handler will immediately fire.

It's as if the priority for the SDIO got changed to a lower priority.

If need be, I can modify the HAL routines in a manner that the upper level routines will look for each of the interrupts to get complete BUT that each interrupt is independent (the DMA IRQ doesn't need to see the SDIO IRQ). That doesn't seem like a good idea to me but I'm at a loss.