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STM32F407 USART2 do not receive

Question asked by antos.jiri on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by antos.jiri

I have configured USART2 to communicate as RS422. Rx is connected to PA.3, Tx to PD.5. I need baudrate 921.600 Baud. There is no problem send anything one or more bytes. I can not receive anything from Rx (PA.3) pin, but when I sent anything, RXNE pin is set toghether with IDLE and ORE. DR register contain 0x7F. I sent 0x55. Situation is same if I have or not data on Rx line (0x55 from the other micro).

Is there somebody who could give me an advice, where may be a problem (where is devil lie). Thanks