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working with stm32f3 development board and st7565R

Question asked by Dhananjay on Jun 4, 2016
I'm trying to initialize the the graphic LCD ST7565R in spi mode the connections are as per the datasheet. Used the 1uf capacitors bw cap2n-cap2p,cap1n-cap1p,cap1n-cap3p,vout-vss,v0-vss,v1-vss,v2-vss,v3-vss,v4-vss. And p/s pin low,IRS pin high ,data pins(D0-D5) high, RD and WR pins high. Initialization code as follows.

spi_tx_command(ST7565R_CMD_ADC_NORMAL);                 //0xA0
spi_tx_command(ST7565R_CMD_DISPLAY_NORMAL);             //0xA6
spi_tx_command(ST7565R_CMD_REVERSE_SCAN_DIRECTION);     //0xC8
spi_tx_command(ST7565R_CMD_LCD_BIAS_1_DIV_6_DUTY33);    //0xA2
spi_tx_command(ST7565R_CMD_POWER_CTRL_ALL_ON);          //0x2F
spi_tx_command(ST7565R_CMD_BOOSTER_RATIO_SET);          //0xF8
spi_tx_command(ST7565R_CMD_BOOSTER_RATIO_2X_3X_4X);     //0x00
spi_tx_command(ST7565R_CMD_VOLTAGE_RESISTOR_RATIO_1);   //0x21
spi_tx_command(ST7565R_CMD_ELECTRONIC_VOLUME_MODE_SET); //0x81
spi_tx_command(ST7565R_DISPLAY_CONTRAST_MAX);           //0x28
spi_tx_command(ST7565R_CMD_DISPLAY_ON);                 //0xAF

still the LCD is not getting initialized ..please some one help me to know what is the problem. spi is working properly because on the same spi I already initialized ili9341 lcd.
LCD pin details are attached in attachments.