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STM32 driver problem

Question asked by Newman.Peter on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2016 by Newman.Peter
I have a quadcopter flight board that uses an STM32 processor. The Dfuse stm3280 zip is downloaded and then the driver from this is installed. You are then asked (by the boards designer) to replace this driver with a WinUSB driver by using Zadig. So I so this and get confirmation from Zadig that this has been successful but when I go to connect the flight boar, via USB  to the software interface to set it up, it shows as unknown device in Windows 7 Device Manager indicating to me that there is no driver installed. Is there any other way that I can force this board and its STM32to use this WinUSB driver that is required to allow it to connect properly Here is a link to the instructions for this driver changing for this flight board. Thanks for any help or suggestions as I have exhausted all other areas of help within GitHub and the main Quadcopter discussion groups.